Bisazza collections for 2016

Bisazza collections for 2016

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its London showroom, Bisazza presents a new creative partnership with renowned British designer Tom Dixon. Inspired by London's architectural landmarks, the Bisazza Cementiles collection celebrates Dixon’s inimitable style.

Explaining the inspiration for the collection, Tom comments: “London – our home city – provides all the inspiration we need for this new collection of surfaces. The building blocks and the textures of this thousand-year-old city are imprinted in this designer's mind. Bricks of red clay, cracked pavements and pebble dash walls – the signatures of a crumbling capital in constant re-invention are reworked in a graphic, pop art style to suit the simplicity demanded by the century-old tile manufacturing process.”

The Tom Dixon collection for Bisazza will make its debut on Tuesday 17th November at the Bisazza London Flagship Store with a talk between Tom Dixon, Rossella Bisazza and Suzanne Trocmé on Ten Years of Design.

In addition to the Cementiles Collection by Tom Dixon, Bisazza has enriched its 2016 collections with new blends and mosaic patterns by highly-respected designers including Studio Job, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders and Carlo Dal Bianco.

Studio Jobs collection for Bisazza is reflective of the company’s renowned quirky style. Perished is a playful pattern with an urban twist, which depicts a scene populated by fossils and skeletons. The pattern is available in two colour variations – white and rose gold. The rose gold version of the design also incorporates a brand new mosaic tile from Bisazza for 2016 to complement the existing yellow and white gold tiles. Studio Job comments: “We wanted to create a collection that is exclusive due to the quality of the materials and techniques. Through the skeletons, violent and innocent, their depict our times which are extravagant and violent.”

The traditional French Toile de Jouy – a staple textile design that stems from the 1700s – was the key source of inspiration for Jardin Gris by Patricia Urquiola. Jardin Gris is created with white gold and glass mosaic tiles in a new grey colour option as a colour variation on the pattern Jardin Blue, which already exists in the Bisazza collection.

Similarly, Tulips Grey by Marcel Wanders is a colour variation of an existing Bisazza pattern called Tulips. The Tulips Grey pattern is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Dutch flower. Crafted with the traditional artistic technique, vibrant tulips made of hand-cut glass enamels dominate an intricate grey and white background landscape. In addition to this, the existing Frozen Garden design by Marcel Wanders will be updated with platinum and gold finishing to add to the existing black and white tile offering. Crafted from gold and platinum, based on the ancient metallic lustre technique, these decorative items can be paired with white or black tiles, lending a touch of sophistication and glamour to any wall.

Romanticism and magnificent detailing are the distinctive traits of Fabric Blue Oro and the more contemporary-styled Dalia Blu – new floral patterns by Carlo Dal Bianco. The designer also offers Chinoiserie – a pattern that draws inspiration from delicate 18th-century Meissen porcelain. Inspired by the figurative language of an imagined China, the pattern spans 6 panels. Characters and scenes from Asian life are depicted in 24k gold mosaic tiles against a digitally created white mosaic background.

Xi’an – a pattern based on the famous Terracotta army of warriors from the eponymous city – is re-introduced as an extended version of the original, featuring four more warrior figures that have been added to the existing ones. The pattern is also available in a grey-based version named Xi’an Grey.

Bisazza has also updated its colour and blends for 2016:

Rose Gold – In addition to the yellow and white gold, the Oro Bis collection now includes a sophisticated pink gold edition, available in 10x10mm size.
Opera – Bisazza’s sustainable collection (made from 93% post-consumption recycled glass) will be completely restyled in 2016 with new colours, blends and patterns.

Further updates to follow for Bisazza’s 2016 collections:

Glow – a new collection will be created from the mixture of Canvas with Gloss finishing
Canvas – additional colours will be included in the collection
New Blends – the existing mosaic blends will be revitalized with the inclusion of Glow and Canvas tiles in the blend percentage